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A Statement by Alvin Pagaddu

All these days you were there

Inspiring me and showing me,

Showing me how to be very happy with someone special.

Somebody who I never thought would be you.


You are a mist who suddenly became my light.

You are a spark that came out to be my star,

You are the rain that came out to be my rainbow,

You are someone, who came out to be my special someone.


And as moments passed by, as my days became nights…

As we grow to be so close, as we realize something’s happening,

As my heart pounds every glimpse of you…

I believe, I feel intimately close to you…


But now we’ve realized,

This feeling deep inside, my days with YOU became my silence…

The silence that makes me wanna shout,

All the fears that I feel inside this heart…

So Please, tell me what you feel, what you think, and what you see…

For what I Feel, what I Think, and what I See…



You are the words, that makes my statement complete…


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