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I Know the Feeling…

What if time comes, when the love that you almost thought perfect, suddenly and unexpectedly came to an end. You got there the perfect marriage, the perfect family, the perfect relationship, the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend.. but then  it all has to end. Actually, I am not telling who’s to blame or who’s fault was it because it can always be each others blunder. There may be many factors that had caused this to happen. We may even got all the reasons in the world to explain our part. However, there were just some things we won’t be able to understand. I guess that’s life! You just can’t have everything you always wanted, even the so-called ‘perfect relationship’. This was something all of us should learn and apprehend.

You know what my friends, I’ve been through hell myself. What the heck! I know what it feels like to be in pain. I know what it feels like how hard it was to eat and not feel like eating at all. I know what it feels like to walk 5 kilometers a day with no direction. I know what it feels like to cry hard day and night and endure the pain for many months. You lose weight, you looked terrible, you got insane, you got those curly long hair and that long Merlin style mustache looking as if you’ve hibernated for thousands of years or got exiled to Jupiter. So you see, I just just know the feeling of being miserable and depressed because of my undying stupidity. And it sucks believe me. Hahahaha.

Frankly speaking I do not want to feel it anymore. I hope and pray you won’t share the same fate. I worry those who can’t handle such situation because I promise you if you are not strong or have the guts, the courage, the proper mind and mental strength, you will really suffer. I am glad and blessed though considering the experience I have had, my living soul, the deepest part of me helped and saved me survive this aching ground of bitterness and agony.

I’m also grateful to my mom who never left me. During the time of my undertakings, no words ever shook my whole being than the words of my mother. They were painful and bold words but it woke me up of my insanity. I love you my old lady.

Well, let us charge it as an experience. You need to experience many things either good or bad to be able to learn. It’s the best teacher in life. Who knows, your painful yet inspiring experiences can be helpful to those who needs it.

That was why I hate broken hearts and broken families. I got sad everytime I hear other people suffer such. I know what it feels and I can relate. For me, it isn’t a rice that when it’s hot you will vomit it out. So it made me realize and see in a wider perspective that love isn’t a game to be played with and to understand the value of a family and its sacredness even though, it may not be perfect but still bonds as one and sticks as a family.

I have learned that to be able to have a good relationship, couples need to perceive the true essence of Love, Respect and Friendship. Nevertheless, in the most sacred place I knew ever built in this world, I was taught of two sacred things which matters most: “The Law of Sacrifice and Obedience.” I don’t know but I believe if a person study these two words deeply and internalize it, you will figure out that sacrifice and obedience conquers all whether it’s love, respect and friendship. The Law of Sacrifice and Obedience will teach you the true meaning of such.

Hey guys, I have to stop in here for now. Love is quite a wide scope to talk about. It will take us a lifetime to finish it and yet talk it over and over again. Please, leave a comment or an opinion on my page. Next time, we will continue the talking. Probably, with a new topic.


5 thoughts on “I Know the Feeling…

  1. Hmmmmmmm….shall we continue this heart & soul ‘talk’ then? hehehe… buzz me anytime Sir …. Ms. Cherrie & I will come a – flying!…hehehe… am moved… 🙂

  2. I know exactly the feeling of hurt you describe yet we are asked by god to keep going and to continue to search and find love and relationships with others. Which sometimes is discouraging but with faith we can do anything!

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